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News & Updates

This page is a place you can see any news or updates about the server status, app and firmware issues, setup changes, blocks, reboots, or any problems in general, and what to do about them.

If you can't find the info on this page, in the setup pages, or troubleshooting pages then I don't know the answer. Please reserve emailing for renewals, checking expire dates, or lost passwords. I will not be able to provide info that isn't already on this website.

For Our Telegram group for news and Updates on the go please add 


Current info you need to know
12/09/2021- We are about to go over to our new Mega VOD Server. This means we have to delete all the VOD that is currently on the service and let it add on to the new server. Please refresh regularly and you will see new Content. his will take a few hours to complete and need tidying up after so don't think it will stay messy.
10/09/2021- We have currently had to remove Catch-up due to the new Server making normal Live TV channels loop we will be looking into why and getting it sorted once our new VOD server is set-up  
09/06/2021- The 2021 & 2020 Have now been added we are currently working through a-z so keep refreshing to see more and content added
06/06/2021- Unfortunately After months of Hard work We lost the VOD Servers, a temporary VOD Will be added till a new server can be brought but due to the Crypto Currency Craze it may take a few weeks to find one

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